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OV Flex, the revolutionary application designed to provide convenient and accessible public transport options for individuals who may be not able to utilize regular buses and trams. At OV Flex, we understand that everyone deserves reliable transportation, and we are committed to bridging the gap between those with unique mobility needs and the joy of exploring the world around them.

Transdev's take on an on-demand taxi app for public transport. For those who cannot travel by regular bus, tram or train.

Role: Senior Visual Designer

Designing for OV Flex: Empowering Users Through Clickable Prototypes and a Unified Design System

At OV Flex, we believe in putting our users at the center of everything we create. To ensure an intuitive and seamless experience for our customers, we actively involve them in the design process. By conducting interviews with end customers, we gather valuable insights that shape the development of our mobile application.

Clickable prototypes

serve as a powerful tool for gathering feedback and validating design decisions. I started by conducting interviews with a diverse group of end customers, each with their own unique mobility needs. Through these interviews, I gained deep insights into their preferences, pain points, and expectations when it comes to using public transportation. These insights become the foundation for my design process.

Sketch UI design

Using Sketch, I transformed the insights gathered from my interviews into interactive prototypes. Sketch allows me to create visually appealing and highly functional screens that closely resemble the final product. By incorporating realistic interactions and transitions, I provided our end customers with a tangible experience, enabling them to provide valuable feedback on the app's usability and features.

Design System

During the design phase, I established a unified design system for OV Flex. This system ensures consistency and coherence across the entire application. By defining a set of reusable design elements, such as buttons, icons, and typography, I created a seamless visual language that extends throughout the app. The design system serves as a guide for our team, streamlining the design process and enabling faster iterations.

At OV Flex, my goal was to empower individuals with accessible and personalized public transportation. By incorporating end customer insights, clickable prototypes, and a unified design system in Sketch, we are able to create an application that is intuitive, user-friendly, and tailored to the unique needs of our customers. With OV Flex, public transport becomes an inclusive and seamless experience for all.