Case Study Randstad

Arbeids portaal

The Arbeidsportaal project at Randstad was a remarkable initiative, aiming to create a comprehensive portal encompassing every imaginable job position. This innovative platform not only provided information about average salaries and benefits associated with each role but also delved deeper into understanding the key priorities and values that were important to individuals within specific job positions. By offering such detailed insights, the Arbeidsportaal empowered Randstad, Tempo team and Yacht consultants to make informed decisions.

Randstad is taking UX very seriously and I admired the self organising energy of the UXers at the Randstad companies. The weekly UX Guild meetings were very valuable and was a place to share knowledge and we talked about what we were all doing in our respective projects.

Role: Senior UX Designer

Introducing: The Arbeidsportaal

Introducing Arbeidsportaal, the groundbreaking portal designed to revolutionize the job market in the Netherlands. Arbeidsportaal is an all-encompassing platform that offers comprehensive information about every imaginable job position in the country. Going beyond traditional job listings, this innovative portal provides in-depth insights into average salaries, benefits, and, perhaps most uniquely, the priorities and values associated with each specific role.

Arbeidsportaal empowers job seekers to make informed decisions by aligning their personal preferences and aspirations with the available career opportunities. With its holistic approach and commitment to transparency, Arbeidsportaal redefines the way individuals navigate the job market, ensuring a better match between their skills, aspirations, and the organizations they choose to work with.

What is the value proposition?

As a UX specialist, I played a crucial role in matching the value proposition of Arbeidsportaal to the needs of my clients, enabling them to excel in their roles and deliver exceptional results. Recognizing that consultants require accurate and up-to-date information to perform their jobs effectively, I leveraged the comprehensive data available on Arbeidsportaal to provide them with a competitive edge.

By utilizing the portal's extensive salary information, benefits overview, and insights into job priorities and values, I empowered consultants to make informed decisions, negotiate better contracts, and strategically position themselves in the market. This tailored approach not only enhanced their professional development but also fostered a sense of fulfillment and alignment with their career aspirations. By effectively utilizing the Arbeidsportaal platform, I enabled consultants to deliver outstanding outcomes and create tangible value for both themselves and their clients.

Prototyping before building it in Outsystems

Clickable prototypes were an essential part of the Arbeidsportaal development process. They allowed us to simulate the user experience, gather feedback, and refine the design before actual development. By testing interactive mockups, we identified and addressed usability issues, ensuring a seamless user journey. These prototypes saved time and resources by preventing design changes during development, resulting in a user-friendly Arbeidsportaal from the start.