Case Study Nike

Control Tower

Nike's Control Tower is a set of Tableau reports which allows users to take huge amounts of data during peak e-commerce moments like the yearly Cyber Week and transform them into actionable reporting. As the Senior Visual Designer for the Control Tower, I was responsible for designing, coding, UX and visual design for all the reports in the Control Tower. I was proud of our output and the significantly improved collaboration between the different departments involved while I was there.

Off course it is more fun designing something from the ground up, but expanding the existing Control Tower was one of the most satisfying types of work I've done in a long time because it was actively being used on a daily basis.

Role: Senior Visual Designer

Control Tower: An Overview

Welcome to the Control Tower Dashboard, a comprehensive set of reports designed to streamline and manage the massive influx of shoe orders during Cyber Week. In the chaotic world of online shopping, where sales soar and demands surge, it becomes imperative to have a centralized tool to monitor and navigate through the deluge of orders efficiently.

The Control Tower Dashboard acts as a guiding compass, empowering businesses to gain insights, make data-driven decisions, and optimize their operations to ensure a seamless shopping experience for customers. With its array of real-time reports, analytics, and visualizations, this dashboard provides an invaluable resource for businesses looking to conquer the challenges posed by the colossal wave of shoe orders during capmpaigns like "Back to school" or "Cyber Week.

Quickly absorbing the ins and outs of the internal systems and key people in the company

Through a series of insightful interviews, I swiftly familiarized myself with the intricate web of internal IT systems and departments. By engaging with key stakeholders across various teams, I gathered valuable insights into the organizational structure, technological infrastructure, and interdependencies that drive the company's operations.

These interviews acted as a catalyst for my learning process, enabling me to swiftly grasp the intricacies of each system and department, their roles, responsibilities, and the vital connections between them.

The collaborative nature of these discussions allowed me to leverage the knowledge and expertise of the internal teams, empowering me to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the IT landscape within the organization in a remarkably short period. With this newfound knowledge, I am well-equipped to navigate the complex terrain of IT systems and departments, contributing effectively to the organization's success.

Using design thinking principles, I expanded the existing reporting initiative by engaging stakeholders, understanding their needs, and generating innovative ideas. Through user interviews, surveys, and workshops, I gathered valuable feedback and identified pain points.

Collaboratively brainstorming with cross-functional teams, we created prototypes and rapidly iterated on solutions. By implementing incremental changes and prioritizing quick wins, we delivered a streamlined and intuitive reporting system that empowered stakeholders to make data-driven decisions efficiently. The design thinking approach fostered collaboration, ownership, and buy-in, resulting in tangible improvements and a foundation for future enhancements based on user feedback.

Excercise at work and shop till you drop

Working at Nike is a real treat. Every other week we started the day with team sport by an amazing instructor. Doing games and all kinds of sport really helped bonding with my team super fast. I love sports and now I'm being motivated to do it at work! A dream come true. The only thing I was happy about when the project came to an end wast that I couldn't go so easily to the on campus Nike store. No discipline whatsoever. Bought so much stuff!!!